by Sarah Wilson
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The Feel of a Dog

Gathering pictures for this site this week, I noticed again how, when I looked at a picture of one of my beloved and past Heart Dogs, I have a sense of them. A sense of how it felt to have them in the room or by my side. It's hard to explain but it is real to me and I am curious to know if it is real for you; if you know what I am talking about. Each dog has a different feel and it is a visceral, in the gut thing for me. It is attached to a unique...

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No Size Upcharge Here!

You know what peeves me? Upcharges on larger sizes. Especially when the uncharges are on women's items but not men's. Men's 3X have as much or more fabric so explain that one to me, please. No, don't explain it. It doesn't matter because there are no upcharges here. Everything is the same price, as it should be. How could we have conditional pricing in a shop devoted to unconditional love? 

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Heart Dogs: It's About the Love

With Heart Dogs it's about the love. The love we have for our dogs and the love they
return to us tenfold. A true Heart Dog settles into a part of our soul bringing us something special we may not have known we even needed or were missing yet something we cherish deeply.

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