by Sarah Wilson
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Heart Dogs: It's About the Love

With Heart Dogs it's about the love. The love we have for our dogs and the love they
return to us tenfold. A true Heart Dog settles into a part of our soul bringing us Sarah Wilson with Heart Dog Pipsomething special we may not have known we even needed or were missing yet something we cherish deeply.

In my life, each of my Heart Dogs turned my heart in a slightly different direction. Caras taught me about gentleness, Bracken about power, Jesse about positivity, PJ about the wild recesses of my soul and Pip about persistence.

Not all our journeys were simple or easy but who ever said true journeys would be either? What each one has been, without question, is worth it. Absolutely. My life is better because of each of these dogs and I hope their lives were better because of me. Welcome to Heart Dog Shop. Tell us what brings you here, tell us about your Heart Dog. We want to hear. - Sarah Wilson and Pip.






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