by Sarah Wilson
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The Feel of a Dog

Sarah with Heart Dog CarasGathering pictures for this site this week, I noticed again how, when I looked at a picture of one of my beloved and past Heart Dogs, I have a sense of them. A sense of how it felt to have them in the room or by my side. 

It's hard to explain but it is real to me and I am curious to know if it is real for you; if you know what I am talking about. Each dog has a different feel and it is a visceral, in the gut thing for me. It is attached to a unique thing or things each did. PJ, my Wyld Chyld, had a way of bumping my hand when her scruffy nose in a hi-ya kind of way. Not demanding as much as connecting. She did not demand.

Caras was my shadow, only he stuck with me more closely. If he could have crawled into my heart, he would have laid there forever. And he does. All he ever wanted in this world was to make me happy and he accomplished that.

But now, when I linger on their pictures, I feel a glimpse of them and remember, again, what is was to have them in my life. They were gifts and I miss them but that missing is a requiem to who they were and I savor it now as a last lingering way to stay connected.

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